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design, installation, training, support and maintenance

Aerial Adventures offers everything needed to design, conceptualise, construct and manage an effective and efficient installation.

- design

In collaboration with our architectural partners, we create all of the required technical drawing, details and 3D images, to assist with any planning, building standards and lease applications.

All of our designs, although based on a core of products, are unique to the requirements of the client, with consideration being taken with regards to local market, current facility design, aesthetics and architecture. Using a variety of materials, from wood, plastics, steel and coloured PVC foam we can create a bespoke style of installation with sculptural or architectural interest, or simply with the focus on fun to capture the imagination.


- installation

We can project manage all aspects of the installation, talking to facility owners, investors, local authority, planning departments, structural engineers and the media. 

We offer two installation options, either providing our client with a fully qualified and experienced installation team that can fully execute all points of installation and equipment procurement on-site, or we provide the product and an installation team leader to guide the client’s crew through the installation process from start to finish. In either case, all structures undergo a commissioning inspection and audit that is performed by a qualified 3rd party conforming and certified to EN:15567 as part of the purchase package.


- training

To ensure our family of products are operated in a secure and responsible manner, operator training is offered, provided by a qualified Aerial Adventures instructor.

The operator training session spans 2-4 days depending on product specifications. Trainees gain knowledge concerning pre-use inspections for the structure as well as safety equipment, procedures for properly outfitting participants, how to monitor participants and how to maintain a high level of safety.


- support


To ensure our equipment continues to operate and a safe and efficient level we offer Support & Maintenance options throughout the life of your installation, all managed by our team of experienced and qualified engineers. 

An annual audit of each installation is carried out to ensure they meet the safety and regulatory driven requirements of the European Rope Course Standard EN:15567. The audit package is then reviewed to determine compliance with manufacturer requirements and conformity to EN:15567

Support & Maintenance
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