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safety first, always our number one priority

Aerial Adventures courses are engineered to ensure the utmost safety, and are designed to maximise excitement. 

We have an exceptional safety record where we have conceived and deliver site and installation specific operating procedures for both normal and emergency situations.  Every one of our or your team members are thoroughly trained and regularly assessed to ensure the highest level of competence. All our installations are designed by architects who are Royal Institute of Architects Scotland (RIAS) chartered and Architects Registration Board (ARB) registered. In addition each one of our product installations is signed off by Structural, Fire Engineers and local authorities where appropriate.  All of our rope based courses adhere to the European Ropes Course Standards EN:15567 and have both an inaugural and annual inspection by a registered third party. CE certified safety equipment is also attainable for European customers when appropriate and meet all OSHA and ANSI breaking strength requirements to guarantee participant safety.

Before venturing on to any of our installations, participants are properly fitted with a full-body harness and, where appropriate, a back up line. 

In the case of the HiRide and HiGlide the primary and back up line is secured into the installation’s continuous belay overhead trolley system, and with HiFall and HiClimb, industry certified autobelay devices. A trained operator connects and disconnects participants into the safety system on all harnessed activities. Participants are prohibited from performing these tasks themselves to further optimise safety and ensure they are fitted correctly. All activities commence with a safety briefing performed by the trained activity operator.  

Non harnessed activities such as Bounce Play Nets and Inflatable Parks still undergo the same rigorous pre activity safety briefings, performed by fully trained operators and inline with the specific safety standards for each activity.

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