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Positioned high above atriums or other expansive ceilings, from restaurant to leisure space, the HiRide occupies virtually unused, un-rentable space.

With a minimum ceiling height requirement of 8m, HiRide offers a thrilling but universally accessible concept, open to anyone from age 7 up. 

Hanging suspended above shopping or leisure customers' heads. HiRide is an attractive and uniquely visible adventure challenge that drives both primary, secondary footfall and spending in to the surrounding public and commercial areas.


HiRide can be adapted to suit almost any structural environment with the track length ranging from 80 to 200 metres (or longer if space allows). Each design is unique to the owners' requirements with obstacles designed and created in various shapes, materials, fabrics and colours. HiRide can then compliment the stye and architecture of the space, or be designed to create a bespoke theme or unique visualisation for businesses or their associated brands.  

o  bespoke obstacle design with consideration to  o weight, aesthetic, budget and level of difficulty

o  layout can be adapted to suit virtually any  o 

atrium or roof space 

o  installation cost variables to suit budget,  o

requirements and available space

(minimum height required - 8m)

o  24 to 100 participants per hour with  o

low operational staffing requirements

o  full training and on-going support  o

provided with each installation

o  flexibility allowing for obstacles to be  o 

repositioned on the track, or cost effectively replaced to refresh and re-market

o  unique engineered trolley system, 100% safety  o guaranteed

potential to incorporate Zip Track in to design  

- standard track

There is nothing standard about HiRide however this is our core model currently operating within the UK and UAE. Two tubed tracks, one for the participant and one for the instructor allowing for curved and sweeping layouts that can traverse through multiple roof layouts and atriums. Obstacle design can be a little more demanding and challenging for the participant as the instructor track allows quick and easy support accessibility from the operational staff. Like all of our HiRide options obstacles can be custom designed from a variety of materials taking into consideration weight, aesthetic, budget and level of difficulty. Our unique engineered trolley system provides 100% safety guaranteed, tamper proof with only the instructor locking the participant in and out of the system.  In addition a Zip Track can be incorporated into the design to provide a hybrid experience of HiRide and a HiGlide zip line without the need for changing trolleys or additional staffing.

o   layout can be adapted to suit virtually any atrium or roof space   o

o   bespoke obstacle design with consideration to weight, aesthetic,   o 

budget and level of difficulty

o   flexibility allowing for obstacles to be repositioned on the track or   o 

cost effectively replaced to refresh and re-market

o   Unique engineered trolley system, 100% safety guaranteed   o

o   Potential of Zip Track incorporated into the design   o

- single track

The entry point to HiRide has the same fantastic exposure to height and utilises the same obstacles as our core HiRide installations.  The key difference is that the instructor track is replaced by a tensioned steel cable to allow support and rescue access to the participant.  These instructor cables provide fast, efficient and easy access however does restrict the installation design layout to a series of straight lines as opposed to the circular or sweeping design of the standard HiRide. Obstacles and the potential inclusion of the zip track element remain however the main benefit is that with less steelwork there is both a significant weight and cost saving to be made.

o    Straight lined layout, traditionally set out in either a square or   o 

rectangular basis

o   Reduction of weight due to instructor track being replaced by   o

tensioned steel cable

o   Significantly reduced installation cost   o

- double track

The ultimate HiRide experience incorporates two tracks allowing customers the ability to participate side by side. Utilising both tracks for customers and either providing wider shared or double obstacles, the Double Track HiRide creates a truly unique experience for the high rope course market.  Families and friends can experience the thrill of HiRide together either supporting or indeed challenging each other as they traverse over the bespoke suspended obstacles. With double the fun, the ability to race each other as well as other gamification elements means this version of HiRide has long lasting appeal and provides even more appeal to the corporate and team building market.

o   Twice the participant throughput of standard HiRide   o

o   Greater hourly capacity maximises availability and turnover at   o 

peak times

o   Greater installation cost however potentially faster ROI   o

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