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HiFall gives jumpers a thrilling freefall before softly catching them and lowering them to the ground. Varied set ups range from gentle to extreme. 

The wide range of mounting heights and allowable participant weights make HiFall a great free fall element for rope courses, challenge courses, family entertainment centres or any attraction looking to add the "wow" factor.


HiFall can be operated by simply stepping off an accessible high level or can be designed to hoist customers up from ground level before the free fall occurs - a unique feature of Aerial Adventure's design and engineering.  It can be used as a stand alone element or for a fun descent as the final element of a rope course of HiRide installation.


The HiFall product allows for rapid turnover of participants and in some situations can accommodate up to 60 per hour.

o  can be used as a signature finish to  o

any other installation, or can act as a

stand alone installation

o  the only free fall experience on the  o

market to allow the participant to be

lifted from ground level

o  up to 60 participants per hour with  o

low operational staffing requirements

o  full training and on-going support  o

provided with each installation

The HiFall is the only free fall experience on the market to allow participants to be lifted from ground level before their descent. 

Combining cutting edge engineering and technology from Headrush and exclusive use of the Limpet Height Safety System, we incorporate both aspects in HiFall's design. This means that the HiFall is a truly unique activity not requiring an expensive and often unsightly access tower, like standard free fall activities.


As well as a thrilling stand-alone experience, HiFall can also be incorporated into or alongside a HiRide and HiGlide experience as part of a greater activity bundle.

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