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Climb up and over uniquely designed obstacles, padded logs, cargo nets, rope ladders, climbing walls and hanging discs on your way to the top. 

Standing 10m to 30m high the HiClimb takes up a moderate footprint of 40 square meters, however this can be increased to suit specific sites requirements and profile. 

The worlds first vertical adventure course, HiClimb drives significant participant numbers with an average hourly user capacity of between 16 and 32 climbers. This usage profile can be raised by a reduction in time allowance or an increase of available floor space to allow for more routes, obstacles and ascent options.


Each HiClimb can be designed to complement the owners or associated businesses’ brands through themed designs or by integrating the brands into the installation itself. 

o  adaptable designs and installation  o

methods to suit varying heights footprints and unique building characteristics whilst still allowing maximum light transfer

o  rapid ROI potential with longevity due to  o

cost effective, interchangeable and replaceable obstacles

o  unique face to face climbing  experience with   o

low participant to instructor ratio and high throughput potential

o  full training and on-going support  o

provided with each installation

o  minimum height required - 12 metres  o

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