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A cost effective and unique solution to providing adventure leisure to centres where floorspace is at a premium is a Suspended Play Net. 

These bounce nets are elevated playgrounds where participants experience an unbelievable sense of freedom where they can jump, bounce and play high above the floor and the customers underneath them. Nets can be designed in such a way to be virtually transparent, with no real impact on the surroundings giving the sensation that people are effectively floating in the air.  Alternatively zones can be created and fun elements such as play balls, slides and mazes can create a more diverse experience.


Unlike the ropes courses, there is no need for specific PPE safety equipment such as harnesses or helmets as safety is ensured by the net itself. This provides more freedom and fun for the participant and less set up and ongoing maintenance costs.

o  participant numbers vary depending on the net   o size and / or amount of activity zones however this is generally a high hourly participant activity with an extremely fast ROI

o  staffing costs are also relatively low when  o compared to traditional ropes course and climbing activities.

o  As with all Aerial Adventures products all  o installations are fully certified by structural engineers, approved by local authority and fire officers whilst meeting the requirements of EN:15567

o  full training and on-going support  o

provided with each installation

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