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Activate the air with HiGlide, the unique Zip Track system! 

Participants experience thrilling zigzags, pivots and turns producing a thrilling sensations like no other. The suspense and speed produced by HiGlide creates a unique and unforgettable zip line experience for both kids and adults.


Depending of the length of track throughput is 30-60 participants per hr, resulting in an excellent ROI for what is normally a secondary complimentary product to a primary revenue source from a trampoline or inflatable park, family, leisure or shopping centre.


All installations are fully certified by structural engineers and approved by local authority and fire officers, additionally the HiGlide meets the requirement of EN:15567. Full training and operational contracts can be provided. 

o  The specially designed trolley is threaded down  o 

the tube track and descends the entire length of the course in total safety.

o  Unlike a traditional zip wire the track does  o 

not have to be straight and can twist and turn throughout the air space   

o  The bespoke harness and attachment system  o provides a more controlled and enjoyable experience without the participant twisting awkwardly like some systems. 


o  Track length varies depending on available  

space  with indoor options running from 150m to outdoor variants running 500m - 800m!

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