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Aerial Adventures is at the forefront of the fast moving adventure leisure market. With rapid development in design and materials the industry is constantly evolving and new products are continually coming to the market. Such a product is the Inflatable Park.

These wall-to-wall play parks are replacing many trampoline centres in their entirety or as a complementary product. The parks on average range from 10,000 to 20,000 sq ft however can be bigger and are custom designed and made to suit the available space, be it in a family entertainment centre, trampoline park or retail unit. Participant throughput per hour is similar to a trampoline park, however the installation cost is on average ⅓ less on a like for like basis. A more measured and controlled activity means that potential incident rate is also lower, resulting in lower insurance premiums.

As is the case with all of our products quality of finish, installation and service is of the upmost importance. With this mantra we have teamed up with US based Galaxy Multi Rides who specialise in the design, build and installation of the best and most immersive inflatable theme parks around the world.

Galaxy Multi Rides is at the front edge of inflatable innovation. By offering customers fresh ideas, custom mechanical rides, and unique inflatables, they can be sure they stay ahead of the competition. The gamification of the Inflatapark with their bespoke technology really sets them apart, along with using the best materials and quality of installation.


Together with Aerial Adventures full project management, service and support you can be sure of a premium product, hassle free, quick and efficient installation, all with exceptional value and a quick return of investment.

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